Heartland Beverage is a defiantly independent craft beer distributor serving the greater Chicagoland area. 



Our Mission

We're not your typical beer distributor. We're small, fiercely selective about the breweries we partner with and defiantly independent. Learn more about why we do things the way we do. 

Our Breweries

Our brand book is small on purpose. We take pride in the fact that we know our breweries and the beer they brew backwards and forwards because our breweries are partners, and not just another SKU in the system. 

Our Team

We're a team of passionate people. A team of beer "curators" who work with our accounts to find the right beer for their particular needs. Not the right beer for us, the right beer for you and your customers. 


“Heartland: (1) The central area of the U.S. which is known for traditional values. (2) The center of support for a belief or movement.” - Merriam-Webster