Pollyanna Brewing Expands Capacity, Offerings, and Distribution

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Pollyanna Brewing Company (Lemont, IL) and Heartland Beverage, LLC have announced their partnership will begin to expand statewide. Effective immediately, Heartland Beverage will distribute Pollyanna beer in bars, pubs, restaurants and fine craft beer retailers throughout nearly 20 new counties in Illinois. Included in the territory expansion are Winnebago, Boone, Grundy, LaSalle, Kankakee, Ogle, Lee, Peoria, Woodford, Tazewell, Livingston, Iroquois, Ford, Putnam, Mclean, Champaign, Vermillion, and Marshall. 

A partner for 2 years, Pollyanna Brewing Company has remained the largest brand in Heartland Beverage’s expanding craft portfolio. With a focus on sustainable growth and profitability, Pollyanna President & CEO, Paul Ciciora, stated, "The time is ripe for both companies to grow beyond our current Chicago-land footprint.”

Territory expansion comes at the perfect time for Pollyanna Brewing Company. During the past two months, the brewery has doubled their fermentation and cellaring capacity from 3000 to 6000 barrels/year. In addition to their current canning operations, the brewery has added a bottling line allowing for diversification in Pollyanna Brewing Company’s expanding packaging formats. Brian Pawola, Chief of Brewing Operations, has also added to his brewing staff with the hiring of another classically trained graduate of the Siebel Institute of Technology and Doemen’s Academy Master Brewer Program.

"The ability to bring draft, cans, and several bottle formats to the rest of the great State of Illinois promises to be a lot of fun," Ciciora added. “As we (Pollyanna Brewing Company) and Heartland Beverage have done for the past two years, the two of us will continue to build strong relationships with our customers by looking them in the eye, fulfilling promises, and delivering quality craft beer. We look forward to spreading our passion for crafted optimism throughout Illinois.”

President & CEO of Heartland Beverage, Brian Kerby, stated, “I’m very excited to be expanding our sales and distribution footprint into more of Illinois and I couldn’t be more pleased to have Pollyanna onboard helping to lead that charge.  It’s a big step for us in only our third year of business, but it’s important to us to be able to offer more territory and reach more customers for our supplier partners.”

Established in 2013, Heartland Beverage, LLC is an independent craft beer distributor servicing the greater Chicago-land region and now nearly 20 new counties expanding north to Rockford and south to Champaign. The company takes pride in remaining small, nimble, and having the ability to deliver great, fresh, locally made beer.

Pollyanna Brewing Company opened to the public in September of 2014. Always seeing the glass half full, Pollyanna believes optimism isn't just for foolish hearts—it’s for the curious spirit. The brewery looks forward to sharing their optimistic approach with the many beer drinkers of Illinois.

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