Who the heck is flyin' this spaceship!


Oh hey.

My name is Joel Frieders.

I'm a Scorpio, I like long walks on the beach and fluffy white pillows.

You don't know me, but I have a super gorgeous wife named Julie that I am madly in love with, three insane children that will one day bathe and dress me as I have them, an awesome pitbull named Roxy that sneezes in my face every morning, and I live in the rural suburban metropolis of Yorkville, Illinois.

I'm what you would call a beer geek. I loooove me some beer beers. I might not know all of the technical terms for certain stuff, but I have 7,937 synonyms for "yum" and probably 4,721 for "EW!" in my word arsenal. I just joined the HeartlandBev team to help manage their beverage-socials, and I'm super happs to be here.

What does that mean? It means I get to sample all of the beers, wines, ciders, and spirits that come through the HBev office to ensure everythang is up to par, and then I get to act like I know what I'm talking about and share stuff with you.

Did you want an example of my literary skillset?

Ok, how's this: "I'm getting hints of fermented rosemary and elementary school chalkboard from this 7.7% abv saison that was aged for 15 minutes in a slurry of cinder blocks and used plastic grocery bags."


Heartland Beverage is doing me a solid by letting me sample everything and talk about it, so I'll be doing my darndeset to bring back words and terms like "darndest" and "doing me a solid", so PLEASE, stay tuned for deets on new releases, upcoming events, giveaways, and the 2020 Heartland Beverage calendar (which is just pictures of me doing goat yoga) and then don't forget to tell your favorite brewery you love them.