Our team, like the breweries we partner with is small. Small but mighty. What makes us mighty? Our people. Every single one of our team members is deeply passionate and knowledgeable about craft beer and is committed to the breweries they represent. We don’t offer brand incentives. We don’t bribe our sales team. We don’t favor certain breweries over others. Instead, we've structured our company to reward the sales that work best for each individual account, so our team is free to find the right beer for their customer's needs, not for their numbers. 

Brian Kerby | Founder

"I’m the founder of Heartland Beverage and my job is to keep the company running. I work on bringing the right breweries onto the team, I do inventory management, logistics, and staffing. I make deliveries every day. I process invoices. I plan routes. There isn't a sale in the company that I don’t touch. I started in food and beverage by washing dishes at the age of 14. Minus a 5 year stint in the military, I've worked in bars and restaurants for 22 years. In 2008, I began working for a beer distributor in Florida and in 2013, I opened Heartland Beverage. When I’m not working, I spend as much time as possible with my wife and three kids."

— B.K.

Jeff Marshall | Sales Director

I manage our sales team. I monitor satisfaction of all of our accounts, and maintain necessary relationships that help us stay relevant in the market. I forecast market demand for seasonal and rotating brands and help our brewers determine quantities, timing, content of labels, package size/mix, and an effective distribution plan. I take and fill sample requests for the sales reps. I make deliveries. I’ve been working in the beer industry for over 14 years. I learned the game wearing ties for Schamberger Bros, and continued to cut my teeth with various Chicago area distributors. When I’m not working, I spend time with the family at the kid's sporting events and performances, stay active, see live music, drink great beer, and cook. And wash dishes. 

— J.M.

Andrew Quackenbush | Sales

"I sell beer. My territory is anywhere from the Loop to Bolingbrook to Mokena to the Indianna border. I live in Pilsen. I like to hangout at “The Barrel” underneath the Damen pink line stop. It looks like a total dive bar on the outside but they do all Chicago beer on draft, a lot of american whisky and some really cool craft cocktails. Before Heartland, I worked for a distributor in Central Illinois and Binny’s before that. I’ve been in beer for five years. I'm really into blues music. I used to be a big tennis and basketball player, but then the beer got to me."

— A.Q.

Rob Steffen | Sales

"I’m a craft beer sales rep. At least that’s what I put in my email signature. My territory is Wicker Park, Bucktown, Logan Square, Lincoln Park, North Center, Andersonville, Lincoln Square, Avondale, Lakeview… Basically the north and west sides of Chicago. I live Logan Square. I’ve been going to Whirlaway Lounge since I was 21. Back then Maria used to put out a free buffet on Tuesdays. She’s so cool. I’ve been bartending, managing bars and writing beer menus for 12 years. My life is either behind the bar, or going to bars but I also like heading out of town and finding cool little country breweries."

— R.S.

Davis Greusel | Sales

"Basically, I sell beer. The outliers of my territory would be Schaumburg, Naperville, Hinsdale, Oak Park, Berwyn. I inform customers about new beers coming out, make sure their stock is good. I visit accounts, say hello, shake some hands, sample some beers. I do a lot of events — tastings, small beer fests, beer dinners, firkin nights, tap takeovers. I run samples a lot. I’ve done deliveries. I’ve been at Heartland for over two years. I was selling fireplaces before, this is better. I’m a big hockey guy. I played for 17 years but then I got a big knee injury. I like to travel. I like to drink beer and visit breweries. Sports, beer and travel."

— D.G.

Ryne Henrich | Sales

"I’m a craft beer sales representative. My territory covers Lake County, McHenry County and Kane County. I call on on and off premise accounts. I work festivals and events -- pouring, getting to know people, talking beer. Nerding out on beer. That’s really my approach to sales: talk beer first. I’m a beer guy first, salesman second. When I'm not working, I like to travel and seek out new breweries. I love traveling, seeing the country, drinking beer and experiencing new things."

— R.H.